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Eastbay OMS is owned by Dr. Alan P. Chun, DDS, MD, a board-certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon. Dr. Chun practices a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Because of his extensive training and years of experience, he routinely performs everything ranging from basic teeth extractions and wisdom teeth removal to corrective jaw surgery. He can also diagnose and treat traumatic facial injuries and TMJ disorders. With the help of our highly-trained team of professionals, Dr. Alan P. Chun performs a full range of dental implant and bone grafting procedures for implant supported dentures, implant supported fixed crowns and implant supported fixed bridges.

Over the past 20+ years, Dr. Alan Chun has established affiliations with the John Muir Medical Center, and the San Ramon Regional Medical Center

Dr. Alan Chun is a great oral surgeon.
Robert T. - San Ramon, CA
I recently had Dr. Alan P. Chun fix some work done by another dentist. He and the rest of his oral surgery team removed 2 residual roots in my lower jaw. The office staff was well organized, communicated effectively and I am feeling  great only 2 days after oral surgery. I was referred to Doctor Chun by my in-laws who have relied on his oral and maxillofacial services for over two decades. If you have to get oral surgery, this is the guy you want doing it. Thanks for a job well done!
Adam D. - Napa, CA
Not at all surprised to find that he has 5 stars, Dr. Chun is amazing as is his oral surgery team there. I would recommend him to anyone needing oral surgery, he is very kind, honest and caring. He was very thorough in explaining everything in my treatment plan, and I felt very comfortable after everything was done. Then, he gives me a follow-up call at 8:15 pm to check on me, I was pleasantly shocked at this! If I am going to pay someone my hard earned money to yank my teeth out, he is the man! Also, his assistant (feel terrible for not remembering her name, but she has a nose piercing) was just about the nicest person I've ever met. I was a little nervous going in and she couldn't have been sweeter, calming me down. Give her a raise, she deserves it!
Real D. - Berkeley, CA
Great staff and extremely calming environment. Dental offices aren't my favorite places - but Dr. Alan Chun made it comfortable.  Had all 4 wisdom teeth out and now sending my daughter for the same.
Brad R. - Danville, CA
I went to Dr. Chun for a consultation when the Endodonist I was using was worried about tooth loss and infection.  He is a wealth of knowledge and the voice of reason.  I now have a great resource when the need for dental surgery arises.
Katherine F. - Livermore, CA
My husband was referred to Dr. Chun for a tooth extraction. He reported that the entire experience at Dr. Chun's office was a pleasant one. My husband has a low tolerance for pain. He made Dr.Chun aware of this, who took the necessary precautions for an almost pain-free experience. Dr. Chun even called our home later that night to follow up!
John K. - San Ramon, CA
Dr. Chun is a skilled Oral Surgeon. I went to him for a tooth extraction, which was quick & pain-free. Dr. Chun even called me later that evening to see how I was doing. When I received the detailed invoice from my insurance company, I realized I had overpaid & contacted the office for a partial refund. I was told that they could see the insurance payment, but they had not received it yet. I was advised that once the insurance payment is received, a check would be issued to me for the overpayment. When I hadn't received my refund three weeks later, I had to contact the office again. A similar thing happened at my general dentist's office. I called that office when I got the detailed insurance invoice, and I received a refund in three days!
Jazz K. - San Ramon, CA
Dr. Chun is a great guy. I just had some major dental surgeries (including 2 teeth extraction, temporary anchorage device, impacted tooth exposure, bone name it...He did all the work in only one session, and I healed very fast. He is a great character, friendly. He makes jokes and makes you feel very comfortable. In my first visit for consultation, he spent 2 hours with me going through the x-rays, explaining different treatment options and he was very thorough. He answered all of my questions. His staff is also very friendly. Overall I had a great experience.
Onnik Y. - Oakland, CA
So, my parents, wonderful people they are, blessed me with crappy teeth.  Not only is my mouth too small for all the teeth I own, but I was also born with a few teeth missing.  Genetics suck! Thanks to Dr. Chun, I am several teeth lighter, and I set off the metal detector at the airport.  Dr. Chun pulled my teeth, and it was not half as bad as my friends described it to me.  He also inserted metal posts into my mouth that are for my implants.  He did a great job, and I recovered quickly!
Erica R. - Highlands Ranch, CO
I had a tooth extracted and bone graft. I always dread the experience of going to the dentist and have a very low pain threshold. I have to say that Dr. Chun made the experience much more manageable than I could have ever asked for. He explained everything in detail, answered all of my questions, gave me options and followed up to make sure I was okay the evening of the procedure. I plan to use him when my kids have to have their wisdom teeth extracted and I'm very picky when it comes to my kids.
I.E. - Pleasanton, CA
Ten years ago I had the joy of needing 4 teeth extracted to assist with my orthodontic treatment. I was referred to Dr. Chun by my orthodontist and I cannot say enough great things about him. The surgery went very well, I don't remember anything, and best of all NO SWELLING! I have heard horror stories about pain and swelling so bad you look like a chipmunk. Not me! Dr. Chun was very kind and his office staff worked with my insurance to have the entire procedure covered. I would highly recommend this office for any oral surgery needs you have.
Erin D. - Columbus, OH
I had an Apeco, 4 Wisdom Teeth extracted in my late 40's and my teenager had her 4 wisdom teeth extracted.  Dr. Chun is an extremely professional Oral Surgeon and MD.  Dr Chun has a very warm and professional office.  His staff is very friendly and customer service oriented.  Dr Chun goes to great lengths to ensure you are informed in your procedures, your options and discusses your questions and concerns at great length.  Together you come up with an anesthesia and surgical solution that is comfortable for you and solves your problem.  Dr. Chun is very careful to support you in any way if you have reservations about going under anesthesia, offer you alternatives, and keep you comfortable during your procedure.  He follows up personally the night of your treatment by telephone, and responds immediately with phone calls back or appointments if you have follow up questions or concerns.  All the procedures we have experienced have gone well and the healing better and less painful than expected.  I highly recommend Dr. Chun and his staff for your oral surgery needs.  EP, San Ramon
Eileen P. - San Ramon, CA
My son had to have four baby teeth pulled over the course of a couple months. We had originally planned to go to our regular dentist, but she recommended that we go to Dr. Chun for a much more pleasant experience. She was right. My son--he of zero pain tolerance--made it through both procedures with flying colors, thanks to Dr. Chun's good work. The office staff is friendly and helpful, too.
Stacy C. - San Ramon, CA

Meet Our Team

Our diverse group of team members is here for you. Dr. Chun takes pride in the continued education of our staff. We want to make sure that we are able to provide you with the top quality care you deserve. We also really put a lot of effort into creating a warm and welcoming environment. If you have any questions about your procedure please ask anyone of our team members.

Dr. Alan P. Chun

Dr. Chun has devoted his professional career to all aspects of an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice with special interests in the treatment of dental implants, bone grafting, wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, oral pathology, and TADS.


Jill was born and raised in Brookings South Dakota. After graduating from Brookings High School she attended South Dakota State University. She is the implant coordinator in our office, and she has over 27 years of experience as a dental assistant.


Doreen is our Oral Surgery Assistant. She grew up in the Bay Area. She attended high school locally, and then she attended College in San Francisco and studied dental nurses training.


Stephanie is our Insurance Coordinator. She hails from the great state of California, she is born and raised right here in the Bay Area. She attended school at Chabot College. She has over 25 years experience in the dental industry both as front office staff and an assistant.


Tracy is from San Jose, CA. She is well acquainted with the Bay Area, and attended San Jose City College and got a degree in Dental Assisting. As the financial coordinator of our office, she helps keep everything in the office running smoothly.